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U15 Silver Warwickshire

Horsham Performance Centre players turned out in force for the BE U15 tournament in Warwickshire on 26th January, 2014.

Andrew Brownlie partnered Elysia Taylor in the Mixed Doubles event.  After their gold medal at the previous day’s tournament in Shropshire, the pair’s confidence levels were high.

1401 U15S Warwickshire Mixed Gold Andrew Brownlie and Elysia Taylor

The first match in the qualifying box brought a tricky draw against number four seeds, Jai Rashmi Chandarana (Leicestershire) and Ellie Wheatley (Derbyshire).  Andrew and Elysia started in fine form, storming to a 15-8 win in the first game.  In a reversal of fortunes, Jai and Eliie then found their form and edged the second game 15-13.  Andrew and Elysia then re-asserted their control in the deciding third, moving to a convincing 15-7 win to take the match two games to one.

Next up was a match against the Warwickshire pair, Daniel Morris and Phoebe Moore.  Having just dispatched the seeds in the box, Andrew and Elysia were able to maintain their momentum and moved to a straight sets victory 15-11 15-7, guaranteeing a place in the knockout stage of the mixed event.

With the pressure of qualification removed, Andrew and Elysia saw off Ethan Smith (Nottinghamshire) and Chloe Hunt (Warwickshire) with some ease in the last box match 15-2 15-9.

In the quarter-final Andrew and Elysia faced the Surrey pair, Nicholas Pipe and Lydia Ip.  Andrew and Elysia maintained their form, winning comfortably 15-10 15-12.

This earned a semi-final match with Leicestershire’s Nick Twells and Wembley Prince.  Andrew and Elysia ruthlessly closed out the match 15-5 15-10 to secure a place in the final.

Meanwhile, in the other half of the draw, Jude Blackman partnered Vicky Roberts.

1401 U15S Warwickshire Mixed Bronze Jude Blackman and Vicky Roberts

Seeded number three, the pair faced a tough qualifying box.

The first match of the box brought a showdown against the Leicestershire pair, Oliver Stevenson and Zoe King.  Jude and Vicky got off to a difficult start, losing the first game 7-15.  They then re-focussed and won the second 15-7, before closing out the third 15-12 to win the match.

The next opponents were the Avon pairing of Paul McCrimmond and Abigail Kemp.  Jude and Vicky edged the first game 15-13 and then took a close second 15-12.

The final box game brought another tough match against Yorkshire’s Jai Rathi and Beth Speechley.  Jude and Vicky started well, taking the first game with a convincing 15-7 win.  Jai and Beth then edged ahead in the second to tie the match with a 15-12 win.  In the deciding third, Jude and Vicky held their nerve to win 15-12 and earn a place in the knockout stage.

Jude and Vicky’s seeding ensure a bye through the quarter-finals.

In the semi-final the pair faced the number one seeds from Wales, Tomos and Katie Whiteman.  Tomos and Katie proved too strong for Jude and Vicky, winning 15-12 15-7 to leaving the Horsham pair with the bronze medals.

Tomas and Katie Whiteman’s win secured a final showdown against Andrew and Elysia.

In a tense first game, Andrew and Elysia managed to edge ahead during setting to win 18-16.  Katie and Tomos came back strongly in the second to win 15-9 and take the final to a decider.  Andrew and Elysia dug in and asserted their control in the third to surge ahead and win 15-7, securing the title and taking their second set of mixed gold medals in as many days.

In the Boys Singles event Jude Blackman topped his qualifying box with a 15-4 15-4 victory over Berkshire’s Marcus Sutton, a 15-4 15-5 victory over Warwickshire’s Jamil Ishtial-Al, and an 11-15 15-7 15-6 victory over Avon’s Alexander Robinson.

This secured a place in the quarter-finals where Jude met Berkshire’s Adam Weston.  In a war of attrition, Jude eventually won the first game 21-19.  Adam remained strong in the second to win 15-12 and tie up the match.  The deciding third was fought just as hard as the previous two with Jude edging ahead at the end to win 15-13.

The semi-final against the number two seed, Yorkshire’s Jay Rathi, proved a step too far after the titanic quarter-final match.  Jay pulled ahead and won in straight sets 15-8 15-7, leaving Jude with his second bronze medal of the day.

1401 U15S Warwickshire Singles Bronze Jude Blackman

In the Girls Singles event Vicky Roberts topped her qualifying box with a 15-13 15-11 victory over the number two seed, Northumberland’s Asmita Chaudhari, a 15-7 15-13 victory over Surrey’s Gemma Atkins, and a 15-8 15-5 victory over Essex’s Mia Hillsden.

This earned Vicky a quarter-final match against Yorkshire’s Abbie Speechley.  Having lost the first game 12-15, Vicky managed to re-focus and win the second 15-11 before closing out the third 15-10, and so progress to the semi-final.

The semi-final against the number four seed, Leicestershire’s Chloe Wilkins, brought a tough match.  Despite fighting hard, Vicky lost in straight games 11-15 10-15 to earn her second bronze medal of the day.

1401 U15S Warwickshire Singles Bronze Vicky Roberts

U15 Bronze Shropshire

Andrew Brownlie and Elysia Taylor trekked to Shropshire for the BE U15 Bronze tournament on 25th January, 2014.

In the Boys Singles event, Andrew topped his qualifying box with a 21-15 victory against Tolver Arnold, a 21-14 victory over Peter Montague, and a 21-15 victory over Carl Fordham.

Andrew then faced Gloucestershire’s Rory Farwell in the quarter-final.  Andrew held his concentration to win 21-18 and progress to the semi-final.

In the semi-final, Andrew was victorious over Cheshire’s James Lin, winning 21-15 to earn a place in the final against Lancashire’s Christopher Lea.

The players had not faced each other before, so the match was all about finding the gaps and weaknesses in each others’ game.  Andrew learned Christopher’s game quickest and this enabled him to move to a 21-14 victory to claim the gold medal.

In the Girls Singles event, Elysia Taylor powered to the top of her qualifying group with a 21-4 win against Megan Ward, a 21-14 win against Amy Keady, a 21-14 win against Grace Turner, and a 21-5 win against Chloe Cosgrove.

Topping her box earned Elysia a semi-final place against Lancashire’s Teresa Kieu.  In an extremely close game, Teresa edge ahead at the end to win 22-20, leaving Elysia with the bronze medal.

Elysia then teamed up with Kent’s Hana Yun-Stevens to play in a round-robin Girls Doubles event.

Elysia and Hana started their campaign with a 21-13 victory over Chloe Cosgrove and Sofia Nicolson.

This was then followed by a 21-7 win against Shropshire’s Rebecca Loxley and Megan Ward.

Their third match brought a third victory, 21-17, over Staffordshire’s Sasha Hawkesworth and Nottinghamshire’s Amy Keady.

This was swiftly followed by a fourth victory, 21-18, over Cheshire’s Aileen Cook and Sophie Taylor.

The next match against Lancashire’s Teresa Kieu and Rachel Softley proved more difficult with Elysia and Hana losing a close match 17-21.

The final girls doubles match of the day brought a second defeat in the box, 15-21, against Warwickshire’s May Burke and Grace Turner.

When all of the results were put together, Elysia and Hana found themselves in third place.  This meant the girls earned the bronze medals, Elysia’s second of the day.

Andrew and Elysia then teamed up in the mixed doubles event.

Andrew and Elysia topped their qualifying box in style, with a 21-10 victory over Warwickshire’s Shivam Pandya and Kent’s Hana Yun-Stevens, a 21-3 victory over Cheshire’s Jack Taylor and Sophie Taylor, and a 21-16 victory over Lancashire’s Benjamin Jackson and Teresa Kieu.

This earned Andrew and Elysia a final against Lancashire’s Derek Zhao and Rachel Softley.  Andrew and Elysia controlled the final from the start, easing to a 21-13 victory to claim the gold medals.

This was Andrew’s second gold of the day, and Elysia’s first to go with her two bronze medals.

U17 Gold Surrey

In his first tournament of 2014, David King bagged a brace of medals at the BE U19 Gold tournament in Surrey over the weekend of 25th January, 2014.

David King and regular partner, Nicola Gresty, were seeded number two in the mixed doubles event.

In the first qualifying round David and Nicola faced fellow PC players Jonty Russ and Freya Hodgson.  David and Nicola controlled the match, winning comfortably 21-11 21-16.

The second round brought a match against Elliot Robertson and Judith Peatman.  Once again, David and Nicola’s experience shone through and the pair eased to a 21-16 21-13 victory.

In the quarter-final the pair then faced the five of eight seeds, Kyle Cherry and Evie Burbidge.  David and Nicola maintained their form and eased to a convincing 21-11 21-14 victory to earn a place in the semi-finals.

The semi-final match against the five of eight seeds, Ross Green and Ira Banerjee, continued in a similar vein, with David and Nicola cruising to a sublime 21-17 21-10 victory.

The final match was a showdown against the unseeded Mark Leith and Devon Minnis.  David and Nicola dominated the first game to win 21-10.  A slightly closer second game followed.  David and Nicola maintained their composure and form to win this 21-16 and so secure the gold medals.

In the doubles event, David King teamed up with fellow PC player, Jonty Russ.

The pair comfortably won their qualifying box with a 21-13 21-19 win over Oliver Moore and Jordan Trebert, and a 21-12 21-8 win over Jack Macgregor and William Manners.

David and Jonty then faced Nathan Rossiter and Sam Smith in the quarter-finals.  A close 21-19 in the first was followed by a more routine 21-13 win in the second, securing David and Jonty a semi-final place against the number one seeds Harry Arksey and David Jones.

David and Jonty lost the first game of the semi-final 13-21.  They then re-focussed and pulled out an impressive 21-16 win in the second to take the game to a deciding third.  The experience and power of the number one seeds proved too much and they powered to a 21-13 win to leave David and Jonty with the bronze medals.

U19 Gold Nottingham

Lydia Powell, looking to continue her already impressive season, started 2014 in determined form, winning a gold and two silvers at the BE U19 Gold tournament in Nottingham over the weekend of 18th January, 2014.

Seeded number four in the singles event, Lydia enjoyed a bye through the first round.

In the second round, Lydia faced Nicola Gresty.  Lydia kept ahead in the first game of the match, winning 21-16.  The second game saw a reversal of fortune, with Nicola winning 21-17.  Lydia then closed out the third with the same 21-17 margin to win two games to one and proceed to the quarter final.

The quarter final, against number six seed, Paige Butler, went according to seeding with Lydia winning in straight games 21-18 21-17.

This set up a semi-final showdown against Lydia’s doubles partner and number one seed, Jessica Hopton.  Jessica controlled a tight first game, edging to a 21-18 win.  Lydia then re-focussed to take the second 21-17 and tie up the match.  In the deciding third, Lydia edged ahead to win 21-16 and take the match.

This earned a final against number five seed, Tsui-Yee Bethany Lau.  Lydia controlled the first game, winning 21-17.  She then dominated the second, winning 21-8 to take the gold medal.

In the doubles event, Lydia teamed up with regular partner Jessica Hopton.

Enjoying a number two seeding, the pair received a bye through the first round to proceed straight to the quarter-final stage where they faced Lara Molloy and Alice Torjussen.  Lydia and Jessica were rarely troubled and moved to a straight games 21-11 21-16 victory.

In the semi-final, Lydia and Jessica faced number three seeds, Nicaola Gresty and Devon Minnis.  Lydia and Jessica fought out a tight match that reflected the closeness of the seedings, edging the first game 21-19 and the second 21-18.

This set up a final against the number one seeds, Ira Banerjee and Jessica Pugh.  Ira and Jessica won the first 21-15 and were 18-15 up in the second when Lydia’s partner experienced an injury and had to retire.  This retirement meant Lydia and Jessica left with the silver medal.

In the mixed event, Lydia teamed up with Sean Vendy and the pair were seeded number two.

The seeding ensured a first round bye, so the pair’s first match in round two was against Marcus Smith and Jessica Hopton.  Lydia and Sean played controlled badminton and closed out the match in strraight games 21-14 21-16.

In the quarter final, the pair then eased to a 21-18 21-11 victory over Michael Sidwell and Emily Rose Witts.

The semi-final saw a match against number seven seeds, James William Farmer and Devon Minnis.  A tight first game saw Lydia and Sean win 21-18.  An even closed second saw James and Devon even up the match with a 22-20 win.  The hotly contested third was eventually won 21-18 by Lydia and Sean.

This huge effort earned a final against the number one seeds, Ben Lane and Jessica Pugh.

Unfortunately, Sean experienced an injury in the semi-final which left him unable to play on.  Lydia, for the second time in the tournament, was therefore unable to complete the final and so was left with her second silver medal.

U15 Bronze Dorset

Developing group’s Harry Morgan was in action at the BE U15 Bronze tournament in Dorset on 11th January, 2014.

In the Boys Doubles event, Harry was partnered by Wiltshire’s Matthew Hughes.

In the first match of the qualifying box Harry and Matthew faced the Sussex pair, and fellow PC players, Jake Davidson and Kevin Jude.  Harry and Matthew maintained control through a close game to come away with a 21-17 win.

In the second qualifying match the pair then faced Hampshire’s Andrew Grant and Amir Rahman.  Once again, controlled badminton enabled the pair to repeat the 21-17 scoreline of the first match and so seal a second victory.

The final match of the qualifying box saw Harry and Matthew edge a tight game against Dorset’s Matthew Howcroft and Ben Jarvis 21-19 to secure a place in the semi-finals.

In the semi-final Harry and Matthew found themselves facing Berkshire’s Harry Stainton and Wiltshire’s Marcus Sutton.  In a tight match that ebbed and flowed, Harry Stainton and Marcus Sutton were able to just edge ahead at the close of the game, claiming a 22-20 victory that left Harry and Matthew with the bronze medals.

U13 Bronze Surrey

After the Christmas break, Emma Ford returned to competition as she contested the BE U13 Bronze tournament in Surrey on 11th January, 2014.

In the Girls Singles event Emma topped her qualifying box with a 21-9 victory over Amelia Dixon, a 21-16 victory over Serena Farelly, a 21-15 victory over Amy Hayhoe, and a 21-6 victory over Hannah Craig.

In the quarter-final Emma faced Holly Williams, and moved to a confident 21-16 win.

In the semi-finals Emma then secured a 21-16 win over Pamela Reyes to reach her first singles final of the season.

The final delivered a tense showdown against Chelsea Huang.  Control of the match ebbed and flowed with neither player giving an inch.  Emma finally edged the match 28-26 to secure the gold medal.

Congratulations to Emma for winning Horsham’s first gold medal of 2014.