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Performance Centres Today

In order to catch up with the rest of the world, our best clubs needed to embed a culture of structured practice, education, sport science and competition in order to offer more players, coaches, parents and volunteers the opportunities to reach excellence in badminton and in life.

In 2007, BADMINTON England established and developed a platform of Performance Centres (PCs), each with its own club-based management structure operating according to sound business principles, including budgeting, marketing and human resources.

PCs have now become an integral part of England’s performance player development pathway, aiming to connect clubs, County Associations, communities, schools and grass-root badminton networks with the world of high performance badminton through coherent, club-based performance development programmes.

  • GB Training Centre (Milton Keynes)
  • High Performance Centres (Bath and Leeds)
  • England Performance Training
  • Performance Centres (working with Premier Clubs and County Associations)
  • Community Badminton Networks and Premier Clubs

The PC network across England is helping to raise the standard, sharing best practice and providing a clearer view of the pathway to excellence.

Each PC deserves special recognition for the forward thinking they displayed to achieve their status. However, it is the ongoing adaptations made within them that are important if we are going to meet the challenges of our sport at world level. To get ahead of the game in this multi-faceted, everchanging sport, management and coaching teams must be aware of the big picture, have an inner drive to exploit opportunities, negotiate key transitions and cope with set-backs. We all need to embrace the current shift in culture and maintain a forward thinking, club-based, performance approach in order to create a lasting legacy and raise future medal hopes.

BADMINTON England recognises PCs as a significant contributor to the evolution of English badminton.


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