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Performance Centres Vision

BADMINTON England has set high-level aims to:

  • Develop badminton as a sport for all and encourage the best players to progress up through the ranks at club, county and international level.
  • Make England the world’s number one playing nation by 2020, demonstrating this by improved participation and medal winners.

Performance Centres were created to play a pivotal role in achieving these aims by providing:

  • A player-centred environment where their needs come first.
  • A focal point that links schools and other clubs in the local community.
  • A talent identification system.
  • A quality environment that develops players, coaches, officials and volunteers.
  • A team of coaches who set the highest possible standards of professionalism in the areas of:
    • Planning, delivery and reviewing of coaching.
    • Monitoring of player progress.
    • Continuous Professional Development.
  • A link to High Performance Centres and Badminton England’s World Class Programmes.

Located in Sussex and established in 2007, Horsham Arun Performance Centre was BADMINTON England’s first accredited Performance Centre.

Since then, Horsham Arun has worked with BADMINTON England to refine and improve the Performance Centre model.


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